Do your tours include international airfare?

Our travel packages generally do not include air fares, as air fares are subject to constant changes. However, we are more than willing to assist you in arranging flights. Simply request an air quote when making your booking, and we will be happy to help.

What vaccinations are recommended for this adventure?

Ensuring that you have the most precise and current travel health information for your destination is of utmost importance. We encourage you to consult one of our knowledgeable Jugglers who can assist you in obtaining up-to-date vaccination and health information specific to your individual trip.

Can you help arrange my travel visas?

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive travel solutions for your trip. Our team is committed to assisting you with the visa application and acquisition process for the trip you have booked with us. We take pride in providing end-to-end support to ensure a seamless travel experience.

What clothing should I pack for one of your adventures?

We always recommend packing as light as possible however the specific requirements for your tour will vary widely depending on where and when you are traveling. Our ‘Trip Details’ document includes a suggested packing list and these can be downloaded from each individual trip summary page. The checklist is tour specific and based upon the experience of our ground staff.

What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?

We strongly recommend bringing a backpack or duffel bag, as suitcases can be cumbersome and difficult to store in buses, under seats, etc.. Keep in mind that you will normally have to carry your own luggage on and off buses and trains and up and down hotel staircases. Suitcases with wheels may not work well on dirt or cobblestone roads.

What type of ground transportation is used on your tours?

You can find detailed information about transportation for your specific trip on the trip summary page or through your vouchers. In the majority of cases, we arrange private chauffeur-driven transportation for our guests.

Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?

Certainly, we can usually arrange additional accommodation at the hotels where your trip begins or ends. If, for some reason, we are unable to provide you with extra nights, we will provide you with the name of an alternative hotel that you can contact directly.



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